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Review 25

Spencer and Dent-Rite offer a truly user-friendly, professional service.
A search on "Google" brought up Dent-Rite and I was able to upload photographs of the damage to Spencer. He replied next day (a Sunday!) by telephone and gave me a quote.
On Monday morning I took the car to two body shops who wanted to fill and respray the panel and needed the car for 3 days to accomplish this. Both shops wanted twice the price quoted by Spencer.

I phoned Spencer and he arrived within a couple of hours (phoning to give 10 minutes notice of his arrival.)

Spencer spent 2 hours gently teasing out the dent until it was totally unnoticeable. Not only this but, as the panel did not need spraying, there was no problem with colour match.
I could not have wished for a better service and recommend Spencer and Dent-Rite to anyone who needs dents removed from their car economically and without their car being taken off the road.