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Review 13

Whilst the London Marathon passed my door earlier this year, I was left with a wonderful dent in my car ("thanks flora") and with my colour it was very noticeable. I went to BMW who quoted me a staggering £1500 which I could not afford so it's been left a while.


Recently I was recommended to try paintless dent removal, which I had never heard off. I tried one company who said they could not fix it due to the model of my car, even though the paint was not scratched and still in perfect condition. They actually recommended Spencer (this was another paintless dent removal company.... I thought that was very strange!) I sent Spencer my picture and he told me he could fix this and he did. The day Spencer came round it was absolutely pouring down with rain and he spent easily over 2 hours on his knees freezing cold working his magic on my car and now you would never be able to tell know that there was a dent there in the first place, he did an awesome job and I saved an absolute fortune. Other than the great job, he is a really nice genuine honest chap too, and a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend him; you won’t be disappointed with his work.